Weather Monitoring & Spray Advisory

Accurate local weather monitoring and spray advisory

Access weather data and spray advisory information from across your farming operation in one simple-to-use app.

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Spray Risk Forecast
Rain Chart
Stability Ratio
Solar Gauge
Rain Chart
Stability Ratio
Solar Gauge
Weather Monitoring

Get precise weather insights with INCYT's on-farm network.

Knowing the exact weather conditions across your farm is key in many decision-making processes, with factors such as rainfall, temperature and relative humidity forming an important part of many decisions. Get real-time, farm specific weather data from INCYT’s on-farm network of weather stations and rain gauges, eliminating the need to rely on distant weather stations.

Best-in-class equipment
Experience the reliability and precision of top-tier equipment from industry leaders such as Davis.
On-farm connectivity & software
Precision agriculture driven by INCYT's on-farm connectivity solution and software application.
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Man sitting on crop spraying vehicle
Maverick Spray Advisory

Precision farming data so you can spray with confidence.

The Maverick Spray Advisory system is a decision support tool designed to enhance your spray efficacy, better manage the risk of drift, and simplify record-keeping. Maverick has been designed with best-practice advice from Craig Day’s advanced spraying courses, aligned to GRDC guidelines and supported by the CRDC.

In-depth analysis
The system examines temperature, humidity, wind speed, Delta-T and temperature inversion risk profile to provide insights into conditions that increase spray drift risk and reduced spray efficacy.
Precision farm data
By deploying your own INCYT weather station and 10 meter high inversion tower on your farm, you no-longer need to rely on data from local area networks far from your farm and not accurate for your specific situation.
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"I have my phone open, monitoring the weather as I go; the inversion tower is brilliant."
Ben Swansbra
Swansbel Pastoral
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The INCYT Advantage
Technology powering better farming decisions
Real-time local data
INCYT provides real-time and hyper-local weather data, which helps you make accurately-informed decisions. Why rely on area-networks that often have assets deployed over 50 kilometres away from your farm when every drop counts? Your farm, your network, your data, your decisions.
Ease of use
The INCYT suite of products is designed for simplicity with a ‘Plug n’ Play’ setup. Your Weather monitoring equipment is simply connected to our proprietary blue node telemetry device through our universal push and click attachment, with a QR code for commissioning and auto-configuration.
Robust and reliable
INCYT’s sensors and telemetry equipment are built to perform in harsh and remote environments without missing a beat, ensuring reliable data collection and transmission, even under challenging conditions. We believe that equipment used in agriculture should be built for agriculture - cheap plastic equipment that doesn’t survive farm-life has no place in our suite of products!
Integrated systems
Nobody likes to use a plethora of apps every day… Introducing: INCYT Cockpit! Information from your fields, as well as farming and irrigation assets, is gathered and consolidated through our proprietary data network, and displayed in the INCYT Cockpit, a dashboard available on any digital device, anywhere, anytime. With INCYT, disparate systems are a thing of the past!
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