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INCYT: Delivering operational excellence through innovation in monitoring, automation and more.

Employee speaking about the INCYT dashboard

INCYT supports businesses in becoming more efficient through our Operational Insights System (OIS), which enables you to remotely monitor and control critical assets through one central dashboard.

We deliver operational excellence through innovation. Through our selection of best-in-class trackers, sensors and network equipment, data can be gathered from any machine or process. This data is displayed in the INCYT Cockpit, a dashboard available on any digital device. By consolidating data from a diverse range of devices through our proprietary data network, INCYT is able to show data in an intuitive way that makes sense to all users.

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What we do
It's our mission to make businesses as efficient as possible by visualising information from critical parts of their operation on one central dashboard, through data generated by trackers, sensors and embedded networks.
Farmer looking at the app
What we want to achieve
We’re committed to creating a more sustainable and efficient way of operating businesses; using natural resources, and through the power of data generated by trackers, sensors and embedded networks.
INCYT in a nutshell

INCYT (pronounced insight) is an innovative IoT company, offering a connected ecosystem of products, designed to be used in a multitude of industries and applications.

INCYT was born out of our team's experience and expertise in developing custom IoT products as part of our design services business, LX. LX has been at the forefront of electronic design since 2005 and has won numerous design awards, making it one of Australia’s most experienced and successful next generation product development organisations. With clients such as Vodafone, Oreo, Mars, Telstra, local councils, military organisations and many others, LX’s knowledge and experience in electrical product design is unmatched.

From weathering extreme temperatures in the arctic to battery powered devices that last up to 10 years in the far north Australian heat, INCYT’s full range of award-winning, built to last trackers, controllers and smart devices are designed to keep you connected to the infield assets that matter most to you.

We have learnt what it takes to create an IoT device that is built to last, user friendly and power-efficient. Our products are truly ‘Plug ‘n Play’, meaning you can install and commission using our quick QR scan on-boarding process, known as 'Scan n' Play', and be up and running in minutes. With no electrician or technical expertise required.

From agriculture to asset tracking, we have created an ecosystem of products that help drive productivity, maximise your time, and create systems for enhanced decision making. Giving you peace of mind and freedom. From anywhere in the world.

The INCYT Advantage
Technology powering better business
Real-time local data
INCYT provides real-time and hyper-local data from all across your operation, which helps you make accurately-informed decisions. Why keep guessing when you can access all this information on your phone with the click of a button? Your farm, your network, your data, your decisions.
Ease of use
The INCYT suite of products is designed for simplicity with a ‘Plug n’ Play’ setup. Your equipment is simply connected to our proprietary blue node telemetry device through our universal push and click attachment, with a QR code for commissioning and auto-configuration.
Robust and reliable
INCYT’s sensors and monitoring equipment are built to perform in harsh and remote environments without missing a beat, ensuring reliable data collection and transmission, even under challenging conditions.
Integrated systems
Nobody likes to use a plethora of apps every day… Introducing: INCYT Cockpit! Information from your fields, as well as farming and irrigation assets, is gathered and consolidated through our proprietary data network, and displayed in the INCYT Cockpit, a dashboard available on any digital device, anywhere, anytime. With INCYT, disparate systems are a thing of the past!
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