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INCYT’s XR Network

Take control of IoT connectivity with INCYT's XR network

The XR Network is INCYT’s complete solution to a common IoT connectivity problem faced by primary producers and businesses alike. The XR Network gives users the power to deploy their own private IoT network, rather than relying on third party roll-outs and installations. The XR network kit unlocks lower power consumption than LoRaWAN while enabling enhanced local on-farm connectivity for those on the fringe of LTE networks, or with challenging terrain. Instead of being restricted by third party network roll out, supply and maintenance, take control of your IoT connectivity network by deploying XR across your property.

XR Network
Base Station

Why have your own XR network?

The XR Network is deployed through the installation of the INCYT Base Station. Designed and built to last in a variety of harsh environments, and milled out of a block of solid aluminium, the XR Network is easily deployed anywhere on your operation. It is the ultimate in long range, secure, private networks. The XR Network provides a high performance private network, capable of supporting hundreds of sensors, all communicating at once.

  1. Strong signal strength, allowing total control to solve network coverage gaps on your farm
  2. Access to low latency and high reporting rates
  3. The bandwidth you need to support the full range of sensor types.
  4. Reliable downlink capability to control and automate aspects of the operation
  5. Maximum power efficiency to achieve ultra-long battery life for your sensors
  6. The ability to integrate with other network options you may have available on your site
The INCYT Advantage
Benefits of the XR Network
Connect 100s of devices
INCYT’s XR network provides you with reliable connectivity across INCYT's range of smart devices. No need for 4G sim cards and expensive monthly subscriptions for every device, or even foregoing monitoring options because of a lack of connectivity. Your farm, your network, your data, your decisions.
Ease of use
The INCYT suite of products is designed for simplicity with a ‘Plug n’ Play’ setup. XR kits can be up and running in minutes and your equipment is simply connected to our proprietary blue node telemetry device through our universal push and click attachment, with a QR code for commissioning and auto-configuration.
Robust and reliable
INCYT’s networking equipment, sensors and monitoring equipment are built to perform in harsh and remote environments without missing a beat, ensuring reliable data collection and transmission, even under challenging conditions.
Integrated systems
Nobody likes to use a plethora of apps every day… Introducing: INCYT Cockpit! Information from your fields, as well as farming and irrigation assets, is gathered and consolidated through our proprietary data network, and displayed in the INCYT Cockpit, a dashboard available on any digital device, anywhere, anytime. With INCYT, disparate systems are a thing of the past!
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