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Track wildlife with INCYT to simplify conservation efforts

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Koala in a tree
Wildlife Monitoring & GPS Tracking

Our devices provide wildlife researchers and conservationists with valuable monitoring capabilities.

Equipped with advanced tracking technology, these devices offer precise location data, enabling researchers to track animals, such as koalas, in their natural habitats. Accurate monitoring is essential for understanding movements, behaviours, and interactions with their environment, helping conservationists make informed decisions to protect their habitats.

Habitat Mapping & Analysis

Koalas rely on specific eucalyptus tree species for food and shelter.

Our devices assist in habitat mapping by analysing koala movement patterns and identifying preferred tree species. This data allows conservationists to create detailed habitat maps and develop targeted conservation strategies to ensure the availability of suitable habitats for koalas.

Koala mapping dashboard
Koala in a tree
Public Awareness & Education

INCYT plays a role beyond data collection: our devices also contribute to public awareness and education.

By sharing the fascinating journeys of wildlife, conservationists can engage the public and inspire support for wildlife conservation efforts. The data collected from these trackers can be used to create educational content and raise awareness about the importance of preserving habitats.

Data Analysis & Education

INCYT’s devices facilitate data analysis and collaboration among researchers and conservation organisations.

The collected data can be analysed on the INCYT App to gain better insight into animal behaviour and ecology. Sharing data across networks also allows for collaborative efforts and the development of more comprehensive conservation strategies.

Koala with tracker around neck
"The K-Tracker (Cygni for koalas) has revolutionised the way we manage and recover at-risk and declining koala populations, and has been an integral tool in the recovery of important koala populations in Queensland.

The K-Tracker now represents the best-practice technology in koala population monitoring and recovery and is deployed from Kangaroo Island in SA to central north Queensland.

The core of the K-Tracker system is the Cygni tag- a sophisticated GPS and bio-telemetry tag that allows near-real-time monitoring of koala location, movements, activity and interactions. The LoRa communications system allows the tags to be remotely configured while deployed on koalas, allowing GPS fix and upload frequencies to be changed on the run.

The user interface is equally sophisticated, allowing users and clients to view data anywhere in the world, on laptops, tablets, smartphones and desktops, with a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard."

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