Livestock Management

Simplify your every-day livestock management tasks

Access livestock management data such as monitoring water tanks, troughs and ramp crossings, or even track individual animals with our animal tracker

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Water Monitoring – Tank / Presence

Optimise livestock operations with precision water management

Water is a critical resource for every livestock operation, and knowing exactly how much water you have available across your farm can make the difference in many different parts of your operation. From knowing how much water is in your stock tanks to detecting whether any water is present in a trough; information is critical throughout any farming operation. With INCYT’s wide range of sensors and industry-leading telemetry devices, farmers are now always equipped with the knowledge that’s critical to them, anytime, anywhere.

Farmer checking water
Ramp crossing widget
Ramp Crossing Sensor

Enhance farm security and monitoring with ramp and gate tracking

Knowing when animals or vehicles cross a ramp is an important piece of information for almost any farmer. From knowing when to expect a visitor to avoiding theft, or having constant peace of mind that your livestock is where they are supposed to be; electronically tracking your ramps and gates has a multitude of advantages. With INCYT’s beam break technology you’ll know immediately when an object has crossed your ramp through an alert from the INCYT app, allowing you to take appropriate action if needed.

Animal Tracker

Animal tracking, the easy way

Sometimes you just want to know where a specific animal is at any given time. INCYT’s animal trackers are tried and proven on many different animals, in the conservation area with koalas and crocodiles for example, but many farm different farm animals as well. Being able to draw geo-fences on your app which will then automatically trigger an alert when an animal (and potentially its herd) strays outside this area, will provide you with peace of mind that your livestock is where it’s supposed to be and, when they’re not, you’ll get notified immediately.

The INCYT Advantage
Benefits of our livestock management solutions
Real-time local data
INCYT provides real-time and hyper-local data from all across your farm, which helps you make accurately-informed decisions. Why waste time, fuel and energy by driving around your farm to check on your livestock unnecessarily when you can access all this information on your phone with the click of a button? Your farm, your network, your data, your decisions.
Ease of use
The INCYT suite of products is designed for simplicity with a ‘Plug n’ Play’ setup. Your Weather monitoring equipment is simply connected to our proprietary blue node telemetry device through our universal push and click attachment, with a QR code for commissioning and auto-configuration.
Robust and reliable
INCYT’s sensors and telemetry equipment are built to perform in harsh and remote environments without missing a beat, ensuring reliable data collection and transmission, even under challenging conditions. We believe that equipment used in agriculture should be built for agriculture - cheap plastic equipment that doesn’t survive farm-life has no place in our suite of products!
Integrated systems
Nobody likes to use a plethora of apps every day… Introducing: INCYT Cockpit! Information from your fields, as well as farming and irrigation assets, is gathered and consolidated through our proprietary data network, and displayed in the INCYT Cockpit, a dashboard available on any digital device, anywhere, anytime. With INCYT, disparate systems are a thing of the past! 
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