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Monitor your transport & logistics assets with INCYT

Monitor all transport and logistics assets in one simple-to-use app.
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Shipping containers
Asset Visibility & Location Tracking

INCYT provides logistics companies with visibility into the location and movement of their cargo containers and other assets.

INCYT’s trackers offer precise location data, allowing logistics managers to track containers across the entire supply chain. Asset visibility ensures better asset utilisation, reduces transit delays, and enables proactive decision-making.

Geofencing & Security measures

Asset security is of utmost importance in the logistics industry.

Our devices come equipped with advanced geofencing capabilities, enabling logistics companies to define virtual perimeters around specific areas. If an asset moves outside these designated boundaries, customisable alerts can be set and triggered, allowing swift response to potential security breaches and minimising the risk of cargo theft.

Shipping Dashboard
Transport Dashboard
Temperature & Environmental Monitoring

Certain cargo, such as perishable goods or sensitive materials, requires specific environmental conditions during transit.

Our devices offer temperature and environmental monitoring features, ensuring that cargo maintains the desired conditions throughout the journey. Customisable alerts are available, enabling timely intervention and safeguarding the quality of the cargo.

The INCYT Advantage
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Impact & Shock Detection
In transit, containers, trucks and other assets may encounter rough handling or impacts that can potentially damage the cargo inside. Our devices are equipped with impact and shock detection capabilities, providing customisable alerts in case of any significant shocks or impacts. This proactive monitoring helps identify potential risks to the cargo’s integrity, allowing logistics companies to take necessary measures to prevent damages.
Documentation & Compliance
Transport and logistics involve extensive documentation and compliance requirements. Our devices help streamline these processes by integrating data recording and compliance tracking capabilities, assisting particularly with the growing demand for traceability. This  ensures accurate and timely reporting, minimising administrative burdens and improving regulatory compliance.
Predictive Maintenance & Container Lifecycle Management
Keeping your logistics assets in optimal condition is essential to prolong their lifespan and reduce maintenance costs. Our devices facilitate predictive maintenance by monitoring asset conditions and usage patterns. With insights into asset wear and tear, logistics companies can schedule maintenance proactively, prolonging asset life and reducing operational downtime.
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