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Monitor your industrial & mining assets with INCYT

Monitor all industrial and mining assets in one simple-to-use app.
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Mining excavators
Asset Tracking & Visibility

Many industrial businesses and mining operations involve extensive fleets of vehicles, machinery, and equipment spread across vast and remote sites.

Our devices provide accurate location data and asset insights, granting companies precise visibility over their entire asset inventory. This enhanced tracking capability enables efficient asset utilisation, reduces downtime, and simplifies asset management.

Geofencing for Enhanced Safety

Safety is a top priority in every industry, given the hazardous nature of many aspects involved in the mining and production of goods.

Our devices feature 58 geofencing capabilities, allowing companies to create virtual boundaries around high-risk areas or hazardous zones. If an asset enters or exits these designated areas, customisable alerts can be designed to trigger, enabling swift response and enhancing on-site safety measures.

Mining Dashboard
Mining Conveyor
Condition monitoring & predictive maintenance

Maintaining equipment in peak condition is essential to avoid costly breakdowns and downtime.

Our devices facilitate condition monitoring, the tracking of equipment usage, and provide data for predictive maintenance. By proactively scheduling maintenance tasks based on reliable data, businesses can optimise asset performance, reduce repair costs, and maximise equipment lifespan.

The INCYT Advantage
Technology powering better business
Fleet management & route optimisation
Mining operations and other businesses rely heavily on a fleet of vehicles and machinery to transport materials and resources. Our devices offer comprehensive insights into vehicle location, fuel consumption, and operational efficiency. This data enables companies to optimise routes, improve fuel efficiency, and streamline fleet management, ultimately contributing to cost savings and increased productivity.
Compliance & environmental monitoring
Mining companies must adhere to strict regulatory and environmental standards. INCYT can provide data on compliance with operational guidelines, ensuring that mining operations meet industry regulations and minimise their environmental impact. This capability helps mining companies build a reputation for responsible and sustainable practices.
Remote site management & connectivity
Many mining operations and other businesses are situated in remote and challenging locations, making communication and data access a significant challenge. Our devices are designed to function in remote areas with limited connectivity, ensuring continuous data transmission and asset tracking even in harsh environments.
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