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Asset Tracking & Management

One of the primary challenges in construction is keeping track of expensive equipment and materials spread across vast project sites.

INCYT provides close to real-time location data and insights on asset movement, enabling construction managers to have precise visibility over the whereabouts of equipment, machinery, and tools. This enhanced asset tracking capability ensures better utilisation, reduces loss, and simplifies asset management workflows.

Inventory Control & Resource Allocation

Construction projects often involve managing an extensive inventory of materials, which can be a complex task.

INCYT’s devices facilitate accurate inventory control by providing data on the availability and usage of construction equipment and materials. This information helps you with optimising your resource allocation, minimising downtime, and reducing costs, enabling you to achieve more efficient project execution.

Dumper trucks
Construction dashboard
Geofencing for Enhanced Security

Unfortunately, construction sites are vulnerable to theft and unauthorised access, which can lead to significant losses and delays.

INCYT offers geofencing features, allowing construction businesses to create virtual boundaries around their project sites, plus the option for users to set alerts on parameters of their choice, such as the entry and exit logging of equipment.

The INCYT Advantage
Technology powering better construction
Improved Equipment Maintenance
Timely maintenance of construction equipment is crucial for ensuring longevity and efficient operation of this equipment. INCYT’s devices facilitate condition monitoring, track equipment usage, and provide valuable data for predictive maintenance. With this information, you can proactively schedule maintenance, minimise downtime, and optimise equipment lifespan contributing to more efficient project execution.
Efficient Fleet Management
Construction projects often involve a fleet of vehicles and machinery, making fleet management a significant challenge. INCYT’s devices offer comprehensive insights into vehicle location, fuel consumption, and usage patterns. This data enables construction companies to optimise routes, improve fuel efficiency, and enhance overall fleet productivity.
Enhanced Safety & Compliance
Safety is a top priority in construction, as is adherence to regulatory compliance. Our technology helps you with enhancing safety by monitoring assets and personnel within construction sites. Additionally, they can provide  data on compliance with operational guidelines, ensuring that construction projects meet industry standards and regulatory requirements.
Streamlined Project Planning & Execution
By leveraging INCYT’s data, construction companies can streamline project planning and execution. Real-time insights enable better decision-making, early detection of bottlenecks, and improved project timelines. This increased efficiency contributes to the successful and timely completion of construction projects.
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