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Monitor your defence assets with INCYT

Monitor all assets from across your bases in one simple-to-use app.
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Enhanced Asset Visibility & Security

With INCYT, the defence sector has access to a comprehensive suite of military grade, cutting-edge asset trackers, tailored to meet the unique demands of today’s defence force.

INCYT's asset trackers offer enhanced asset visibility, providing close to real-time location data and operational insights through the INCYT App. Designated users can access a personalised dashboard (Cockpit) displaying the likes of the location, condition, and movement patterns of assets, ensuring better decision-making, heightened security, and rapid response capabilities. This form of intervention is particularly effective in relation to air ground equipment.

Geofencing & Perimeter monitoring

INCYT’s devices are equipped with advanced geofencing capabilities, allowing the users to establish virtual boundaries around key locations or sensitive areas.

In case of unauthorised movement or theft, the INCYT Cockpit can be set to trigger customisable alerts, enabling personnel to respond promptly and mitigate potential threats.

Defence dashboard
The INCYT Advantage
Technology powering better defence
Optimised resource utilisation
With precise asset tracking and usage data provided by the INCYT App, resource optimisation has never been easier. By understanding asset deployment patterns and usage trends, users can identify opportunities to improve efficiency, reduce operational costs, and ensure that assets are allocated where they are needed most.
Condition monitoring & predictive maintenance
Maintenance of military equipment is vital to ensure peak performance and longevity. INCYT can provide data on the condition and status of key assets, allowing maintenance crews to proactively schedule necessary repairs or replacements based on reported runtime data. This predictive maintenance approach reduces downtime, enhances asset lifespan, and improves operational readiness.
Secure communication & data integrity
Recognising the sensitive nature of defence operations, INCYT prioritises data security and integrity. The devices employ robust encryption protocols, ensuring that all communications between assets and the INCYT App remain secure and tamper-proof. INCYT’s servers and databases undergo regular pen tests to make sure no weaknesses exist that can be exploited.
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