Crop Management

Real-time data from the field

Access crop-specific data from the field, right where you need it most: on your phone, tablet, or monitor.

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Soil Moisture Monitoring

Enhance your crop management with precise soil moisture insights

Understanding soil moisture levels is essential for effective crop management decisions, influencing everything from planting strategies in dryland scenarios to optimising irrigation throughout the crop cycle in irrigated settings.

Integrated data visualisation
Visualise soil moisture data alongside critical metrics in the INCYT cockpit for better decision-making.
Leading soil moisture probes
Benefit from best-in-class soil moisture probes from industry leaders like Sentek and Enviropro
Seamless connectivity
Leverage INCYT’s integrated on-farm connectivity solution for seamless data integration
Informed decision-making
Make timely decisions on planting schedules, irrigation timing and crop health management
Leaf Wetness Sensor

Optimise plant health with advanced leaf wetness monitoring

Monitoring leaf wetness is critical for detecting fungal diseases, bacterial infections, and optimising irrigation to prevent root diseases and water wastage. INCYT’s leaf wetness sensor allows detailed crop monitoring and setting min-max alarms via the INCYT app, ensuring proactive action based on real-time data and maximising resource use efficiency and yield potential.

Detailed crop management
Track crop conditions closely with INCYT’s leaf wetness sensor, enabling proactive management
Customised alerts
Set min-max alarms via the INCYT app to take timely actions based on leaf wetness data
Enhanced resource efficiency
Improve resource use efficiency by addressing early warning signs like leaf wetness promptly
Maximise yield potential
Utilise advanced monitoring to optimise plant health and yield outcomes effectively
The INCYT Advantage
Benefits of our crop management solutions
Real-time local data
INCYT provides real-time and hyper-local sensor data, which helps you make accurately-informed decisions. Why rely on guess-work when every decision is critical? Your farm, your network, your data, your decisions. 
Ease of use
The INCYT suite of products is designed for simplicity with a ‘Plug n’ Play’ setup. With a QR code for commissioning and auto-configuration, you’ll have your sensors working for you in no-time.
Robust and reliable
INCYT’s sensors and telemetry equipment are built to perform in harsh and remote environments without missing a beat, ensuring reliable data collection and transmission, even under challenging conditions. We believe that equipment used in agriculture should be built for agriculture - cheap plastic equipment that doesn’t survive farm-life has no place in our suite of products! 
Integrated systems
Nobody likes to use a plethora of apps every day… Introducing: INCYT Cockpit! Information from your fields, as well as farming and irrigation assets, is gathered and consolidated through our proprietary data network, and displayed in the INCYT Cockpit, a dashboard available on any digital device, anywhere, anytime. With INCYT, disparate systems are a thing of the past!
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