01 June 2023

Is this Device the Future of Asset Tracking?

Cameron Roy
01 June 2023

The Andromeda is an industry defining, battery powered tracker that uses hybrid connectivity between the LTE-M network and a direct-to-satellite fallback. It enables accurate, reliable tracking of assets and goods, across a supply chain even in areas with no cellular connectivity.

The Sydney-based design house, LX, created the Andromeda tracker as part of their INCYT product range, collaborating with Myriota on the Antenna design for this device. The team at LX was adamant on creating a device that enabled efficient satellite tracking for companies big and small in a cost and power-efficient format.

How Does the Andromeda Work?

Traditionally, If a company (or individual) is using a tracker to monitor a static asset or goods in transit, the respective device would resolve and upload its geolocation using a cellular network, typically LTE-M. This is where a key problem tends to arise. Across the globe, and particularly in a country like Australia, there are large swathes of land with no cellular connection, posing dark spots for tracking. Whilst built in GPS tracking systems can solve this to a degree, they tend to be expensive and power hungry, often requiring an external power source. Similarly, these systems will only provide an overview location of the vehicle they are embedded in - not the goods within it.

The challenge for Andromeda was to create a compact device that could be fitted to a variety of containers and provide geolocation reporting, even in areas with no cellular coverage. Andromeda answers the challenge of cellular ‘dark spots’ across a supply chain where other trackers cannot perform, through its connection to the Myriota network of low orbit nanosatellites. When LTE-M is available, Andromeda uses this to transmit location, but where it is unavailable, it can upload location via direct-to-satellite communication during a pass.

Solving an (Expensive) Industry Issue

What if you could have eyes on an asset or good right across Australia? What if you could have more than just location reporting even on something unpowered?

The Andromeda provides tracking insights like never before, with reporting on start and stop times, time in motion, and location in areas with or without LTE-M coverage. Essentially bringing the power of IoT to every size of business.

The goal when creating Andromeda was to create a device that was self powered, compact enough to fit on to assets like crates and pallets, all whilst providing accurate location reporting, even in remote areas. The Andromeda achieves this goal by utilising the latest ultra low power technologies, a powerful internal battery and low profile form with rugged casing. Designed to endure extreme temperatures, providing location reporting across either LTE-M or direct to satellite, Andromeda is reliable, accurate, and built to last.

With reporting made available through the INCYT app, you can be in an office, or thousands of kilometers away from what you're tracking. By downloading and calibrating the device to the app, you can keep sight of your tracked asset at ease on your mobile device. The ability to have location reporting on a particular pallet or container in a shipment, or to see where a personal vehicle is, has myriad benefits from a safety, accountability and efficiency perspective. To have that ability in a cost and power-efficient device is what makes Andromeda market changing.

Leading the Way in Asset Tracking

Andromeda has the ability to change the shipping and logistics industry. It can help reduce loss of goods by providing tracking not only for the vehicle itself, but for individual containers. Andromeda’s efficient power use and hybrid connectivity means it can last for years in the field, enabling it to be offered at a price point that is accessible even to smaller companies, or for personal use.

By providing reliable, accurate location reporting, even in areas with no coverage, Andromeda is helping drive increased efficiency, accountability and safety across a supply chain, or for any vehicle in transit.

The overarching mantra at INCYT is to design for what is next, now. Andromeda follows this principle, as this device opens up global tracking opportunities to small businesses, individuals and large corporations like never before.

The existing INCYT range of trackers already pushes the boundaries of functionality and battery life, at an accessible price point. Andromeda takes this to the next level, providing a long lasting, battery operated tracker, that gives accurate geolocation reporting, even in areas without cellular coverage. As a satellite tracker that can be fitted to a powered or unpowered asset, provides different reporting profiles, and has the range of communications functionality at this price point, Andromeda is a market first (to our knowledge). The opportunities this opens up for businesses are both exciting and wide in range.

Andromeda Has Been Designed With the End User in Mind

It can be easily mounted through rivet or cables to most assets. and can be commissioned in minutes by scanning the QR code and loading onto the INCYT App. INCYT have designed the Andromeda device from the electronic hardware through to the industrial design and reporting software, so reporting graphs, dashboard and widgets have been developed to be as intuitive as possible. All of this makes the Andromeda device a world class IoT tracker that anyone can use, straight out of the box.

The device has been designed to be accessible to technical and non technical users alike, with a price point that enables SMEs and personal users to utilise Andromeda for their tracking requirements. It is built to last in rugged environments, with an operating temperature range of -20ºC to +80ºC and a case rating of IP67/IK07. With once daily reporting, the industrial grade battery will allow for up to 4.5 years of operation.

Andromeda was designed with global usage in mind, accessing multi band/region LTE-M networks and has BLE-5, WiFi and GPS capability, as well as the Myriota global satellite network. The integrated satellite antenna makes deployment easy and robustness in rugged installation environments.

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