01 May 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Agriculture Grants

Cameron Roy
01 May 2023

How Do Farming Grants Work?

Government sponsored grants and programs are not a new concept. They have been prevalent across almost all industries nationally, and Agriculture is no different. It is important to note however, that no grant or program is the same. Each has their own criteria, duration, limit and application process. With each of these factors tending to vary heavily from industry to industry.

In short, agricultural grants are initiatives, generally run by state governments, that provide funding or assistance to farmers and other members in the agricultural industry. Agricultural industry grants aren’t always as universal, or run as frequently as seen in some other heavily funded industries, however, they do exist - if you know where to look.

With the expected rise in the global population leading to more mouths to feed, primary producers all over the world are finding themselves at a crossroads. How can they increase output, sustain a competitive advantage, and deal with unprecedented environmental changes, all whilst remaining profitable? Governments around the globe are well acquainted with this issue, which is why phrases such as ‘AgTech’ and ‘IoT’ have now become staples in the average primary producer's vocabulary. The solution is simple. Increase output and efficiency. This is where grants and programs tend to play a vital role.

How to Access Agricultural Grants and Programs?

Firstly, before you even begin to consider applying for any grants or funding, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of your overall operation. Essentially, knowing exactly what category/ies you fit into.

Key things to consider here are:

  • The location of your operation
  • The size of your operation
  • The type of operation you run
  • What industry vertical you fall into

  • By having a good understanding of all the points mentioned above, you’re giving yourself the greatest chance of applying for the most applicable grant or program.

    Next we would suggest reaching out to your nearest Agronomist, or your local MP. Both parties tend to be up to date with grants available within the relevant region. Additionally, your local ‘Ag-stores’ and Ag providers are also a great source for information. At INCYT, we aim to inform all of our community members regarding upcoming programs and grants, as well as the criteria on how to apply to each. To stay up to date with upcoming programs and grants in your area make sure you check out our Agricultural hub page.

    A Shift Towards AgTech

    More than just a buzzword, AgTech, is viewed as the future of agriculture, with this claim being backed by the obvious drive for adoption by the current administration. This drive has given rise to demonstration DATA Farms like the one at Longerenong College, in addition to tech and connectivity-focused grants and programs such as the 2023 NSW Farms of the Future Program.

    The latter is a program targeted towards 5 regions within the state of NSW, where the government is aiding in the establishment of connectivity solutions and the adoption of key agricultural technologies by covering a large percentage of the costs associated with each.

    The NSW Farms of the Future grant isn’t the first of its kind. We have seen similar efforts by other State Governments, such as in Victoria, where they ran the well received ‘Vic IoT’ grants. Once again, the general trend being the adoption of AgTech and IoT devices.

    At INCYT, we feel incredibly privileged to have been formally selected as a Program Partner and Vendor for both of these grants and to have played a key role in the push towards the adoption of AgTech nationally.

    INCYT At The Forefront

    INCYT have already been involved in a number of grant programs for agricultural funding across Australia. Being so prevalent allows us to consistently be a resource for aiding proactive farmers in maximising their operation.

    Ultimately, we strive to be at the forefront of what’s possible in the AgTech space. We believe we can do that by providing primary producers with an ecosystem of devices that aid them in making the right decisions, with the right data, at the right time. As a fullstack provider, we are able to aid primary producers from the earliest stages in their AgTech journey, to seeing them bring their Smart Farm dream alive.

    We thrive on putting the data from your farm, into your pocket.

    To learn more about INCYT and our Agriculturally specific solutions, make sure you check out our Smart Agriculture page.

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