Cameron Roy

More Fun in Moree for INCYT’s Discovery Centre

INCYT kicked off the first Monday of March by rolling into the Moree region. With the Discovery Centre in tow, the team prepared for the long week of presentations and events that would lay ahead. After a successful first week of the roadshow, the team were riding on a high and were ready to make a similar impact to that seen in the Armidale Region.

Each Local Government Area (LGA) presents a different culture and primary agricultural segment, and Moree was no exception to that. Located in the states Northeast, the region is dominated by the agriculture Industry, with broadacre, cotton, and livestock being some of the most prevalent farming operations amongst producers in the region.

The goal for the INCYT team in Moree was to assist farmers in accessing Government grant funding that they may qualify for, in addition to spreading awareness about the potential of AgTech and its ability to increase on-farm efficiency.

The funding we are referring to is in relation to the NSW Farms of the Future Program. To summarise, the Farms of the Future Program is a NSW State Government initiative aimed at increasing the adoption of agricultural technology within 11 pre-determined LGAs within the state of NSW.

We’ve spoken in depth about this program on multiple occasions, so for further information you can read our previous article by clicking here, or alternatively, you can watch one of our explainer videos by clicking here.

INCYT as an Official Farms of the Future Program Partner

You may be wondering where INCYT fits into all this. INCYT has been chosen as one of the Official Farms of the Future Program Partners in the form of a pre-specified supplier.

We believe our comprehensive product ecosystem makes us an excellent choice for all farming use cases, particularly for those farmers who want to deploy their own on-farm network.

As an Official Program Partner, INCYT aims to draw awareness to the NSW DPI run grant program and direct people where to get more information, in addition to educating farmers and producers on the technology available to them, using the example of our own product ecosystem.

With the help of a new mobile AgTech Discovery Centre, the team are one step closer to the goal.

Starting the Week…at the Pub?

Pally Pub (Pallamallawa Pub) was the host of INCYT’s first Information session of the week, kicking off our Moree-region roadshow in style.

A couple of schooners here and there was an effective way to liven up the already engaged audience. Simon Blyth, Keri Hughes, and David Sims (Simmo) were on site running the presentation for the afternoon and answering any follow-up questions attendees had.

"All in all, it was a positive start to our Moree leg. Farmers were engaged throughout the whole presentation with a number of questions being asked at the end...with the farmers then coming out to the Discovery Centre to look". - David Sims

One of the positive takeaways from the roadshow is the opportunity for the team to be able to sit down face-to-face with primary producers across the state and discuss key issues they're facing.

A common theme from the feedback we have received was that there are generally high levels of scepticism throughout the broader farming community when it comes to agricultural technology (AgTech), and the claims that often are associated with its implementation.

The hope of the INCYT team is to be able to address some of this scepticism through a 'boots-on-the-ground' approach and by bringing some of the available AgTech currently in the market to these communities.

The Discovery Centre exists as a vehicle, not only in the literal sense of the word, but from a metaphorical standpoint too. It brings Primary Producers the opportunity to experience a more tangible side of AgTech, allowing them to see and hold some of these devices, in addition to having the chance to chat with the experts who made them.

The Week in a Nutshell

The roadshow continued on Tuesday an hour and a half Northwest of Moree, in the town of Mungindi. Hosted by the Mungindi Golf Club, the event had a great turnout, courtesy of local support from the likes of Jo Weier from the Mungindi Cropping Group.

"The trailer rolled in, with Simon the truck driver from Narrabri Tilt Tray, skillfully maneuvering the Discovery Centre into place". - David Sims

Wednesday meant heading West with a morning pop-up event scheduled at Garah. The INCYT Discovery Centre was a big hit with the presentation taking place inside. Another great group of attendees, with plenty of questions. We'd also like to acknowledge the efforts of local CottonInfo, Regional Extension Officer, Janelle Montgomery, who helped get the word out for this event.

"We had a wonderful attendance with the main presentation being conducted for the first time inside the trailer. With the Air-con cranked to the max, everyone was soon seated and listening to Simon's presentation" - David Sims

After the event, the team were on the move again, this time rolling into Moree for an afternoon event at McGregor Gourlays. The team there set us up with a prime spot in front of the Moree branch, where the INCYT Discovery Centre remained for the rest of the week.

Thursday started with events running simultaneously across the region. One in the Discovery Centre at McGregor Gourlay in Moree, and another at Bullarah Public School.

Jill was very accommodating at the latter event, allowing INCYT to use the school library space for the presentation. The high energy continued into Friday to close out the week, once again having been hosted by the team at McGregor Gourlay in Moree.

INCYT would like to thank all those who helped make the week in the Moree region as successful as it was!

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